Telephone Contact.



Trained personal.

We have highly trained personal in SDV systems and control panels.

Work equipment.

Our work equipment helps us to work in a quickly and precise way.

Material stock.

Our material stock is ready to be use whenever is required.

Safety equipment.

Committed to safety, we train our personal with the EPP necessary for them to do their work.


We’re a 100% Mexican recently created company, prepared to accept the challenge and exceed the expectation that the costumers expect from us, we’re prepared to supply goods and services respecting the highest standards of quality, delivery time and cost.

Quality policies.

To be a company that generates solutions to our customers, offering the highest quality in our products and services with the reliability of having the most trained and compromised team that satisfies the internal norms as the international and local too, leading to the most demanded markets in the industrial sector and promoting the constantly improvement of our products and services.


We potentiate at the industrial sector as a company that offers the best advantage in the fabrication of panel controls in the market and the services we offer.


We’ll consolidate as a worldwide leader company with our own brand of panel control designs, maintenance control systems and automation, fulfilling the international and local norm.